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Switching from postpaid to prepaid (keep same number)

I am wondering how I can switch a number (to a new phone) from my current postpaid family plan to a new plan on Verizon prepaid?

I went to a Verizon Corporate store yesterday (with a new inactive phone) and was told my request could NOT be completed by them. (legal?) I was told to just activate through the phone process, however I was not given any options that were relevant to my request since I do NOT want a new number and I am not porting from a different carrier.

I've seen past threads reference support numbers and the several hours of jumping through hoops that are needed to talk to a human who actually understands Verizon's processes. I would like to avoid this if at all possible...

Overall, it seems like it would be easier to get a new SIM from a competitor and do a traditional port off Verizon entirely.

Hope I can get some help on this...

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