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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Wi-Fi Calling Service is Terrible
Enthusiast - Level 2

Wi-Fi calling is enabled on my phone, but it works poorly. I suspect the problem is that the phone prefers to use the cell network, even when the signal is low. In my house, the signal drifts from  0 to 2 bars - it drifts this much even if I'm standing still. 

T-Mobile's Wi-Fi calling service provides the options "Wifi preferred" and "wifi only"  When I was with T-Mobile, I always had it set to wifi-preferred, and the service was excellent. Can Verizon PLEASE provide something similar?

(I live in a fringe area for Verizon service, so please don't repeat the mantra that Verizon has the best network in the universe.  Like every other carrier, quality of service is dependent on where you are relative to the towers. Wi-Fi calling is my only hope for adequate service at home.)

Who I have the same questioned this topic