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Re: Sending pictures or bitmoji

I had problems with my previous iphone just before I upgraded to the 6- customer service said the new iPhone 6 would prob fix it. I got the iPhone 6- then i was told to undo wi fi- reset network setting etc. I've gone on line and tried every fix there has been. I got this phone thru Verizon also and have had nothing but trouble. My 4s didn't have problems. This phone continuously goes between no service, 1x, 3G, and LTE . I just went on line and people are saying the problem with pic etc is verizon system.

I tried sending the exact same bitmoji to my daughter who also has an iPhone but is with ATT it went thru fine- I tried again to send exact same one to someone on ATT but has an android system- would go thru and he's on ATT- I tried sending the same one again to a non iPhone on the Verizon system and it also wouldn't go thru.

My phone has the current iOS system upgrade. This had been a problem since I got this phone. It doesn't get any better even in large cities with all signal bars lit up!

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Who I have the same questioned this topic
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