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Who I have the same questioned this topic

The same spammer keeps calling me. I've blocked his/her number, but the number keeps changing, and they keep leaving the same foriegn language voicemails. How can I stop/block him/her?

Over the past couple of days I've been receiving numerous (for lack of a better term) spam phone calls. Each time its come in its a number I don't recognize, so I've picked to decline the call. Recently I learned how to assign those numbers as blocked callers on my HTC One M8 phone (by going to call history holding down on the number until “block caller” is listed in the drop down menu). That has prevented the phone from ringing when this person calls from a number I've blocked in the dialer. However, that hasn't stopped this person (or machine) completely and they keep leaving me the same short voice mail in some foreign language. Is there a way to block this person from leaving me voicemail as well? (I'm getting tired of having to continually go in, listen to the same annoying voicemail, and then delete them).

Somehow the person or machine is changing what number it shows on the incoming calls (even though I know its the same person from the voice mails). (Otherwise I'd just use my free 5 block call allotment here on the Verizon my account section). According to my call log here are the numbers and times of the problem person:

***-285-7100 (Mon, Jan 25) (twice)

***-285-7100 (Fri, Apr 😎

***-285-7100 (Mon, May 30)

***-714-4009 (Fri, Jun 3) (twice)

***-770-6394 (Fri, Aug 5)

***-417-7402 (Sun Aug 7) (twice)

***-586-3882 (Sun Aug 7) (four times)

***-374-7808 (Tue, Aug 9) (twice)

***-285-7100 (yesterday) (three times)

***-373-1990 (yesterday)

***-725-4800 (today 5:47pm, 6:08pm, 7:18pm)

***2775063 (today 7:59pm)

***-725-4800 (today 10:06pm)

Anyone have suggestions on how to stop this person?

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Who I have the same questioned this topic