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Trade-in scam

I'm completely frustrated with Verizon regarding their trade-in program. I've been dealing with customer, technical support and the trade-in department since December 2016...I keep getting different answers from each person I talk to and have yet to see the rebate I was supposed to get. In November I was talked into trading in a 1-year old Samsung Galaxy S6 by a Verizon store representative for a "free iPhone 7" (I was in the store for a different issue). They assessed my S6 and stated it was in perfect condition and would qualify for the $649.99 rebate for an iPhone 7 (in good working condition, without any blemishes of any sort). The only reason I traded it in was because of the promotion. I would have never traded in a perfectly great phone except that it was an opportunity to essentially upgrade with a "free phone". I purchased the iPhone 7 on November 28th 2016 and sent back my pristine Galaxy S6 soon after receiving the prepaid box from Verizon. I would like to point out that I have been a very loyal customer for several years now, always pay my bill on time and currently have 6 devices under my plan.

I received an email on December 20th stating I was only receiving a credit for $69.00 due to "Your screen was unresponsive or had cracks or dead spots". I immediately called customer service as the Verizon store I purchased the iPhone 7 from inspected the S6 phone and agreed I would get full value. I thoroughly inspected the phone before I packaged and shipped the phone and there were absolutely no blemishes, no scratches or cracks. I was transferred from customer service to Luis in the trade-in department I was told that my phone was unresponsive when they received it. He stated the phone would not power on when they received it. At that time I explained that the phone, when it left my hands, had zero issues of any sort. He stated that they could try charging it and re-look at the phone. He said someone would get back to me in the next week. I also told him that if Verizon could not give me the full $649.99 credit that I wanted my phone back. He promised that I would be able to get my phone back if I was not satisfied with the re-assessment.

After not hearing back from Verizon after 1 week like I was told I called back on December 30th, 2016 and spoke to John in the trade-in department. He reviewed my account and stated that the phone actually was responsive but that there was a microscopic chip that could barely be seen. He stated that this could have occurred after they received the phone. He said he could over-ride the initial findings and told me he filled out paperwork so I would get the full $649.99 in the next couple billing cycles.

Beginning of February I called customer service again to inquire about the trade-in credit as I still had not seen it on my bill. The customer service representative said that it would be posted the following Monday and I would see it on the next billing cycle.

I received an email prompt with my next billing cycle on March 5th 2017 and still no credit. I called customer service immediately and spoke to Kristin to explain the situation. She looked through my account and told me that on January 18th someone posted that my phone was not eligible for the trade-in value due to a crack in the screen. She stated that my phone had a crack in the upper portion of the phone from one side to the other. I explained to her that I wanted my phone back and that I wanted the pictures that were taken of my phone. She spoke with her supervisor Ashley and told me that I would be receiving my phone back. She told me  I would receive an email prior to it being shipped out.

Ashley transferred me to Ramsey in technical support in order to obtain the pictures that Verizon took of my S6 phone.  Ramsey sent a picture to me of a Samsung phone that had a good size chip out of a phone. I explained that there is no way that was my phone, at least not how I had shipped it out. He also stated that there is no way for me to receive my phone back. Why would it take Verizon 2 1/2 months to give me a picture. The also sent me a picture of the "my box" when they received it however their are absolutely no identifiers on the box or the phone to ensure that it is my phone. Disgusting!!!!

I'm completely disgusted with the customer service I have received. After reading many feeds on the internet I feel that I am not alone in what has happened to me. It seems like a bait and switch. I sent in a perfectly good phone (cosmetically and working condition). I have been told so many different stories each time I call regarding the condition of my phone, and they all contradict each other. I was promised  from the start that I could get my phone back. All I want is full credit that I should have received or to receive my phone back.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic