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Who I have the same questioned this topic

contact app missing letter
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Ugghh.  Okay I open up contact app; far right side is letters. I am "Missing letters H and Q" because within my settings I am only showing "phone contacts"  If I were to change settings to 'view all' then all letters appear.

Yes I have contacts with the letter H and yes they are uploaded to the Verizon Cloud, so logically it should show.

Instead of the letter H I have a *

It looks like this:






Yes, if I press the 'dot* it will jump to letter H, but again H is missing.

I saw this a week ago and probably after the latest Software upgrade.  Now allow me to list the steps I've done:

*Forced Stop the App

*Cleared Cache, Data

*Boot into Safe Mode
*Factory Reset

I notified a Verizon agent last week and Factory Reset was the last step; which i did today. Then after I re tell them of my problem, someone in the Verizon Tech office someone clarified they too saw that. So that's me +1  however I know how the system works.

One complaint doesn't qualify for a software update

Dozens to Hundreds does qualify for a fix

And since I was basically the 1st, their so called Lead Tech said "Those letters that are missing could be the result of not enough contacts within that letter or too many contacts" I called their claim invalid and ya know what? I proved them wrong.  I have 4 Contacts in letter H. I think I got 3 contacts in P and 1 Contact in U therefore the "not enough" doesn't work.

I have 4 contacts in letter H and I have more than 4 in multiple other letters; such as A and S and T.  So again that highest lead techs claim doenst pan out.

So I'm seeking the help of the community. Open your Contacts...Display "Only Phone"; are you missing any letters?  Please let me know Thank you

Galaxy S7 Edge; latest software upgrade in the state of Oregon

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Who I have the same questioned this topic