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Asurion security concerns & fraud

In order to keep my post concise, I will summarize as best possible. Primarily, I'm curious if anyone else has had similar issues with Verizon/Asurion. I'm at a point of considering canceling my Verizon plan after being a customer since 2000.

- October 21: a fraudulent claim made on my cell phone to Asurion. I immediately contacted them, within 30 minutes of the email confirming my claim was filed. They opened a fraud report. I filed a police report and other identity theft reports. Even with my reporting that the claim was fraudulent, they shipped the phone the next day. It was successfully delivered per UPS.

- October 22: I canceled my policy with Asurion. Additionally, I confirmed on my Verizon account that the insurance was canceled.

- November 3: Asurion re-added insurance to my phone without my request or permission. Verizon said this was merely a mistake and Asurion said this was a generic auto add. I confirmed it was removed a few hours after requesting the removal.

- November 7: Another email that I have Asurion added to my cell phone. Again, I called Verizon and requested corrective action be taken. Verizon and myself spoke with Asurion and I was told the same thing as on Nov. 3, it was mistakenly added and was just a miss communication.

- Solution for the problems I'm experiencing: None. I've asked for additional security measures to be placed on my Asurion "account" that is canceled, but I'm told nothing like this can be done. And Verizon seems to say nothing can be done on their end besides monitoring my account.

In order to make a claim, the only information that is verified is the name, billing address and phone number. All of that information can be easily found on Google. And to add the insurance, it seems Asurion can auto add all they want within the 30 day window of my "new phone" that wasn't even shipped to me. Verizon requires passcodes and other information to verify your identity. Why wouldn't a claim against your Verizon account have the same security measures in place? I feel like I'm stuck in limbo of watching my account closely to make sure insurance isn't re-added. I can't imagine I'm the only person experiencing these problems, but perhaps I'm wrong?

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