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how to file a complaint on an unresolved issue

Good evening,

I have made several attempts to address issues on our bill. In December 2016, a rep told us we he had to add 2 lines to our account in order to get new phones. A day later, I called to check on the order and another said we should have been offered device payment. So he changed our upgrade eligibility date, and we purchased 5 phones on device payment plan promotion. He stated he would cancel the 2 new lines (from the day before) and order the new phones under device payment. He stated we would have to return the other phones when they arrive or refuse shipment. The phones were returned. January comes and still no credit for the phones.

I spoke to a rep January 26, 2017. He saw the devices (3 phones) were returned to the warehouse, but a credit was not applied. At this time, the lines that were supposed to be cancelled in December 2016 were not. The rep stated he would cancel and apply a credit.

Then we were offered One Talk…..disaster. After several attempts for the tech to install, it failed. All phones were returned to the store. A credit was to be issued for the phones and inoperable service. And they had us change our service plan, to add an Iphone7 (device payment) and Ipad. Unfortunately, that was unnecessary. If the 2 lines from December 2016 were disconnected, we would have had plenty of room to add the Iphone 7 and Ipad. Therefore costing us more money monthly for our data plan.

Among the other disasters in the meantime the Pixel phone arrived but ordered as a 2 yr contract … I had to send it back……Several delays before finally receiving the Pixel under the device payment program.

To date I have spoke with a rep every month a few times a month. Each time promised that the bill will reflect a credit on the next bill cycle. Today I spoke with 3……disconnected and one even sent a text message that she accidently disconnected the call, but would call me as soon as possible…..No phone call yet. I have sent emails to reps… response. We are a small company that works with under privileged families. We cannot afford these excessive charges.

So to date: We need a credit for devices, cancelled lines, return to our previous plan, $100 promo credit for ipad, and $500 accessary credit (from December). Please contact me at [Removed] . We cannot afford to lose connection with our mental health clients.

Corey [Removed]

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