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Who I have the same questioned this topic

does domestic roaming exist on Verizon?
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There are places in/around the area I live where I cannot get a cell signal. zip. none.  My friends, who were with me on a recent day trip, and is on ATT had 5 bars when I have none.  My other friend, who was also with us, has TMobile and he had 4 bars.

I looked at the Verizon and ATT coverage maps when we got back.  Verizon had very spotty coverage where we were and ATT had solid coverage.

So, why didn't my phone roam and get another (ATT?) signal?  Come to think of it I've NEVER seen the little "R" roaming signal since I've had this phone... ever.

I chatted with Verizon rep and he had me check a couple of things and do a reset on my network settings and switch on HD Voice & Video, but I have very little confidence this will make a difference.

Any thoughts or help on what I can do would be appreciated.  My contract is coming up soon and I've always had this issue from day 1 but now that I'm going to have a choice about which carrier to choose from I might just go to ATT since they have great coverage in Texas.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic