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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Why would certain text messages from one phone number not appear in the text log online?

In the past couple weeks of texting my wife there's been hundreds of text messages that do not appear on the text log online. I know for a fact there was text sent and received because I have them on my phone. I'm talking hundreds of messages. At first I thought maybe I was texting her while she was at home and it was being sent across wifi but thats not the case. I'm using my work cell which is verizon and she has s7 on our personal plan. both using verizon messaging app. Now what's odd Is that the messages that are missing from the online log, when I go to any of the messages on my phone that are missing from online log and click show details of a specific text, it's shows that she's sending them to my work cell and her own number?? Also it doesn't say they're being sent from a phone like all the other messages that show in online log. Also, theirs a message ID number showing in the details for all the ones that are missing too. I thought that had somethjng to do with emailing but not sure? And help would be appreciated. thanks.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic