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Billing mess-ups

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with Verizon. The most recent issues I've had are with billing and my employee discount. I had made a promise to pay my bill, but ended up changing the payment date on May 6. I made a payment agreement on May 6 to pay $345.00 on May 18 because I had no money to pay right then. I still have no money for bills until this Friday, so what does Verizon do? After sending me a text thanking me for promising to pay, they charged me $350.02. I got a notification that I had a negative balance in my account and I called them, only to hear that a charge of $350.02 had been deducted TWICE. I was $700 dollars in the hole at that point when I asked my bank to put a hold on the second charge, which was at that time still processing. Apparently there was a glitch and I was double charged, but my bank holding the second charge didn't really ease my anxiety because there was still another charge to deal with. That same day, I called Verizon and spoke to a rep and told her I wanted a refund ASAP of the $350.02 that I had been charged because that wasn't supposed to come out until May 18. The bank had put a hold on the first charge and now I wanted Verizon to reverse the payment on the second one so I would have some money for gas and food. I told the rep that this matter needed to be escalated, but after speaking with someone while I was on hold, she informed me that it couldn't be escalated, but rather sent to be reviewed, which could take up to 14 days (I think it was 14, maybe it was 10, but it was still far too long.) So there I was freaking out and I never heard back from Verizon regarding the matter. The money still hasn't been returned to me, even after Verizon took it upon themselves to make an UNAUTHORIZED debit from my bank account, leaving me with a negative balance.

The second problem I'm having is related to my employee discount. I received a request to re-verify my employment status so that I could continue getting my plan discount, so I sent in a copy of my most recent paycheck. I get a notification that it was accepted and all is well. A couple days later, I get a text, maybe an email, saying that my employment couldn't be verified. WHAT IS GOING ON, VERIZON? Your charges are outrageous, your customer service sucks, you're sending conflicting notifications about my employment verification, you're making unauthorized debits from my bank account...I'm a second away from terminating my business with you and moving on. You need to get a grip!

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