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Past/current devices: Pixel 7 128 GB , Lenovo TB-8505FS Wi-Fi tablet, Pixel 3a 64 GB, Pixel 128 GB, Moto X 2014, Galaxy Note 4 (meh), Moto X 2013, DROID Turbo, Nokia Lumia Icon, iPhone 5s, Nexus 7 2013 wifi, Asus TF700T, HTC One M7, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Nexus (Jelly Bean 4.2.2), HTC Thunderbolt "Tbolt" (It is one tough cookie, Android 4.0.4 with 4G!), HTC Aria (network failed to deliver. Bye, bye AT&T!), DROID Eris by HTC "Baby Droid" (Backup/PDA & Gingerbreaded), Motorola W385 (great little flip phone), Motorola V60i (shiny, slippery and worked for six long years!)
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