Minutes under my plan?

I recently signed up for what I thought was an unlimited business plan under Verizon.

There have been NUMEROUS issues with this account since I have opened it, both with the Verizon employees on-line who NEVER call back when the call is dropped after and hour or more on the phone with them, even after numerous promises that they WILL call back IF the call is dropped....to the entitled employess in their store....

Then to top it off with finally getting on-line to this account and discovering there are minutes attached to it and I am over those minutes...? Very confused and off course, the BIZ department is long gone till Monday!  Do I use my phone or not...I am uspposedly 736 minutes OVER my (Unlimited) Account?

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Customer Service Rep

So sorry to hear about the numerous issues both with your account and getting help, Glorious1UnderTheSon. This is absolutely not the experience we want for you and it's essential that you get the help you need. You'll need to reach out to business team at

800-922-0204. The business team is open from Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM Local Time. I'm confident you'll get the assistance you need when you reach out to this team. Does this clarify?