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Verizon is run by **bleep**

If I ever get the opportunity to switch providers I will.

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Re: Verizon is run by **bleep**
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bye, bye

Re: Verizon is run by **bleep**
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We value you as a Verizon Wireless customer and want to continue to provide  you with Verizon Wireless Service.  Are you having any particular problems with your service?  

Re: Verizon is run by **bleep**
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Here's MY complaints- rather than start a new thread:


  • Why the hec do non-business accounts get better service than small business accounts?
  • Why are small business accounts treated like we are a bother?
  • why can I only get help with my account at 611 until 9pm when joe blow without a residential account can get help to 11?
  • why cant i get help on 611 on the weekend but joe blow can?
  • why is the business sales office closed at 7 but joe blow can call later?
  • why can't I change my plan online to a small business shareplan so that i can ADD another phone to my account?
  • why can't I add another phone online to my existing small business shareplan?
  • Why can't i get changes made to my plans in your retail locations? They insist on telling me to call my "guy" (who bny the way changes all the darn time- i get more introductory emails and phone calls from the never ending parade of "my guys" then i do service from them since to do anything takes them days.
  • why in the world do you have better hours for people with single lines then people with 5 or more lines? It makes no sense.


I dont think I'm owed anything but service equal to everyone else doesn't seem unreasonable. why are you **bleeping** your small business customers?

Re: Verizon is run by **bleep**
If you value your customer, I do not see it? I an new to Verizon , all I have is a iPad, with a data plan, I was thinking about switching my four phone lines from AT&T, not so much any more, please read (Not happy with Verizon)
Re: Verizon is run by **bleep**
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@Mondo7  I am sorry to hear that you are upset.  On behalf of Verizon Wireless we do value your business and commitment to us.  If you have any direct questions or concerns about your service please send me a PM and I would be more then happy to assist in anyway that I can.  Thank you.