Backup Assistant Will Not upload contacts

I have been unsuccessful uploading my phonebook contacts from my Samsung Galaxy to my online account.  The Samsung app indicates "successful completion".  When I look at my contacts online, there are zero contacts.  What steps should I follow to troubleshoot?

Re: Backup Assistant Will Not upload contacts
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I understand the importance of having a backup of your device contacts.  I am happy to assist you with getting your contacts backed up properly.

First, please advise which model Samsung Galaxy you are using.  Also check to see if your contacts are backing up to your Google/Gmail account.  Let me know so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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Re: Backup Assistant Will Not upload contacts
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The best advise I have for you on this is to save all of your contacts to google as Google Contacts if you want something that will automatically back up your contacts real time as in right when you add it to your phone, and if you want it to add ALL contacts and to add them accurately.

If you do not want to add your contacts automatically, immediately, and accurately, then Backup Assistant is a good choice for this.  I have never been able to get BA to work accurately or consistently since it came out many years ago