Does Verizon change features of Avast security software?

Avast has mobile security software.  In their FAQ's, there is the following statement:  "yes, Avast Free Mobile Security is supported on official releases of Android 4.x(Ice Cream Sandwich/ICS) but some vendors are changing it for their purposes and in this case you can experience unwanted behavior."

Is Verizon one of those "some vendors", and if so, do they make any changes to the functionality of the Avast software?  There are some great features to Avast, but I want to make sure they are not compromised before I commit to it.

Re: Does Verizon change features of Avast security software?
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I don't think they are actually referring to the avast software but the android software. Some carriers or phone manufacturers modify the android software which could lead to avast not performing as well (is what they're trying to say I think).

Re: Does Verizon change features of Avast security software?
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Verizon does a lot of things that are questionable, yet changing the characteristics of a Security Software is even beyond them.  What you are seeing on Avasts post is the Android OS is put together as an OS.  Avast is geared up to working on this OS as it is built. Verizon (all of the cell phone companis do it) tweaks the OS to meet their needs in effect changing the OS itself which can cause problems with a security software working correctly on it.

Lookout Mobile is rated as one of the best Mobile Antivirus programs on the market. It is Free (they do have a paid version as well). AVG has a great Anti Virus program as well for Android and both of these actually work on Verizons phones