Free Android app that reads aloud historical markers to you when you drive by them

Hi. I made an app for the history buff in all of us that combines history and technology. It’s called Georeader (search under Georeader in the Android market). It allows one to write a short message (such as a historical sign’s text) and assign it to a gps location. When a user enters the area, the text is spoken on their phone. I was able to collect over 111,000 points covering roadside markers , historical bridges, even ufo sighting locations and have added them to the data base. It includes states such as Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Oregon, Michigan, and Pennsylvania's entire historical roadside marker collections plus a ton of other points to hear all over the country and even in Canada.  You can also make your own points and assign them to any location worldwide. These will be instantly added to the database for all to hear. They can be on almost any topic you like and its a great way to share your knowledge of local history with the rest of the world. Anyhoo, the website is at for even more info. It's a free app so there is nothing to lose. Please try it out. Thanks! Dave

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