Google Now On Tap

So Android M is supposed to have a new feature which expands on the Google Now idea.  Google Now On Tap serves to take the info on your screen when you tap and hold your home button.  Similar to the Google Now full-page screen, On Tap will pop up relevant info based on text in the current screen open. Maybe you got a text from a friend to meet at a specific place for lunch:  On Tap will display the map, operating times, traffic, etc... related to that info.  Image search is said to be in development as well.  You can also ask question from within the results screen, such as "How far from here?"  Listening to a song?  Just ask, "Who's the guitarist?" So, it seems it is Google Now with another layer.  No more having to go back to the home screen and open a search box and then go back to the previous screen.  Do it all from the same screen. 

The future of Android: An up-close look at Google Now on Tap | Computerworld