How do I get Ford Outlook Calendar and Contacts to my Droidx2?

I can get RSA SecurID and a soft token. But what app should I use to get my Ford Outlook Calendar and Contacts to my new Motorola Droid x2? How do I tie this stuff together?

Re: How do I get Ford Outlook Calendar and Contacts to my Droidx2?

This subject has been covered multiple times and a quick search may find the answer....  But here is the explanation..


It has do to old software in stereos that wont be able to communicate with your device completely.  You may be trying you get old technology to communicate with newer technology which is configured on different hardware support levels...  If your radio and device does not support the PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) the connection cant be made unless the developer writes in commands to convert the software to add reverse support for older platforms, also I can nor think of a protocol that sync Calendar information...  Most devices support the common Hands Free Profile which is required for calls to be transferred to and from device but all additional profiles are not common unless specified by developer. 


Also I do not see many mobile devices support RSA SecurID protocols methods because  that is more a networking configuration than a Bluetooth protocol unless I am misunderstanding something...


Here is a list of Bluetooth Profiles that a device can produce and as usual a number of developers only support a small handful when it comes to a device and new Profiles are created as technology keeps advancing, support will become more and more limited as the years progress..