Incredible Facebook App Error Help
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Logged into Facebook widget already installed on my HTC. Had this phone for a couple weeks now and no problems. Now I'm having a few issues.


1) Notifications won't clear when recognized normally. 


2) Most of my notifications wont even link me to the comments. It says the following:


"Content Not Found - the page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporally unavailable, the link you clicked may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. Back to home." :smileymad:


Now I tried to log on to the internet and use Facebook normally I can select comments normally, no problems.


Also I tried logging out of the Facebook widget, Cleared all my history, catch, everything from my browser, turned the phone off, pulled the battery, rebooted, logged back in facebook with notifications still not cleared and links still broken. 


I'm confused as to if this is a phone or Facebook problem. Being Facebook on my laptop is perfect I'm leaning toward the phone. Am I doing something wrong? 


Help would be greatly appreciated if you have an ideas thanks...

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Re: Incredible Facebook App Error Help
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In this case since it is a social media application, I can suggest that  you try uninstalling the application and try reinstalling it because more  than likely there could be something wrong with the facebook application only and not the actual phone.