Looking for live tv apps for HTC ERIS and Motorola Droid

Are there Live tv apps for HTC Eris or Motorola Droid?


I like both phones but want a LIVE TV feature like I had on my voyager.  The HTC Imagio has it through VZW cast/mobile tv, but i like the faster processor, OS and memory of the droid phones. Are there any apps available to obtain LIVE TV on these Droid smartphones, and if so where can I find their channel offerings?    


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Re: Looking for live tv apps for HTC ERIS and Motorola Droid

What you are looking for is not possible, as the Imagio has support for FLO-TV - and the Droid/Eris do not....


1.  There are new devices coming down the pipeline - I would venture to guess one or two of them will support FLO in the future....


2.  Check Out MobiTV.  They are offering NBA Live Pass now on Android and iPhone, I would hope that this is just the beginning....


3.  SPB.tv....meh...not live, not shows - yet not bad....can find this one in the market.


4.  Finally, DirecTV has launched, today, an application that lets you watch Live Streaming NFL Games - Called Superfan.  You need a subscription to the NFL Ticket and Superfan, but for those of us that have this (ME!!), it is amazing to be able to watch NFL games live, wherever I am.  I had it on my BlackBerry Tour before switching, and almost didn't switch because of this...I had heard that it was NOT going to be available this year.


Good luck!