NFL Live Works Only w/3G Not WiFi Since Last App Upgrade



I've been able to successfully use the NFL app (both Live & Videos) over both 3G & WiFi from roughly August until about 2 weeks ago. I think it was after I upgraded to version 2.5.1 that I found that I can't watch Live over WiFi. To be specific:



  • Video over 3G & WiFi works
  • Live over 3G works
  • Live over WiFi fails w/a "Error playing video." error 


I've got a Droid 2 w/Froyo (2.2). 


To try to fix the problem, I tried the following with no success:


  • cleaned the data for the NFL app
  • uninstalled & reinstalled the NFL app
  • put the phone into Flight mode & then turned on WiFi (i.e. no 3G, only WiFi)
  • tried using WiFi from both home (Cox) & work


I've seen a couple of threads around September w/no resolution.


Any ideas?