Skype issue

My wife and I have Droid Incredibles. When Skype came with the upgrade, I signed us both in. No problem. After a few hours, I noticed that one of my wifes contact numbers in my address book got changed to a non working Skype number. I changed it back to what it should be and after a few hours, it changed back again all by itself just like before. It randomly changes others in her contact card and not always the same one. It is just her and I think that is because she is the only Skype contact that I have that I have a  number in my telephone contacts. I called Verizon and they had not heard of this and couldn't help. I took my login credentials out of Skype and no more problem with changed numbers. It would be nice to have Skype working, especially when they get the camera to work. I heard that is coming. Anybody have this issue???

Re: Skype issue
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Try deleting the account and download it back from the App Market.