Sync Music from Phone to Computer

Well I have been using my phone to sync music i find to my computer. Lately I can hook the phone up to the computer and its not showing the latest music i downloaded to the phone when i try to browse what on my phone. But I can browse the music that is on my phone using explore on the pc. The Files show up as a winamp file. But if I go thru windows media player and try to browse the music on the phone it doesnt show the songs that i was just looking at using explore. What am I doing wrong.

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First power the phone off and then back on.  

You would want to make sure that the files are not being used when you sync the device.  Make sure the music player application is closed when you connect the phone to the PC.  You can do that under Menu, Settings, Applications,  Running Applications, then choose that application, and close it.

Check to make sure your music is in the correct folder to be accessed  by Windows Media Player. 

Also check your Windows Media Player settings to make sure all file formats are included.