VZ Navigator stopped working

Location services all on, gps working - can find my location, then goes to 'Getting Route'  receive message - Could not process your request, please try again'.  other messages I have  received in the past 24 hours were - 'Unable to contact servers', 'Servers not available'.  Once or twice it did connect and the graphics were all wrong as were the directions.

We were travailing at the time, good thing I had a good idea where we were.  It is still doing it this morning.  Wife's phone works most of the time, but not always, settings are the same for both.

Don't know where to look, any ideas...

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Re: VZ Navigator stopped working
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I know how important navigation services are FJHFLY because I use my at least 4times a week and its very helpful. Have you tried power cycling your device? Also, try disabling the feature and then restarting it. The apps may also need to be updated. Keep us posted.