YouMail Visual Voicemail

Alright, I had YouMail on my phone and I liked it for a while. Eventually, though, I removed it and it's completely glitched up my voicemail.

I can no longer access my voicemail. When I dial my number/my voicemail numer it doesn't allow me to access my messages or even gives me options. It just says, "Hello *my name*, *my name* can't come to the phone right now; please leave a message."

Has anyone had this issue/can help me with this issue/can direct me to someone who can help me with this issue?

Re: YouMail Visual Voicemail
  1. Dial *73 then press [SEND]. You should hear a series of beeps and then your phone will disconnect. This is normal and it means that the feature activation was successful.
  2. You may want to call your cell phone from another line to verify that your calls are now being forwarded to your Verizon voicemail.
  3. If that does not work, you can also dial *710 then press [SEND].
  4. Then reprogram your voice number with *86 (this will connect you back to your carrier's voicemail). Replace the number displayed with *86.