Your Top 5 favorite apps, Incredible/Android OS

Hey, So Im new to smart phones, Android, and getting my HTC Incredible Tomorrow.


I thought it would be cool if everyone would respond with a TOP 5 list of their Favorite apps along with a brief summary on it and why its a good one to have. Maybe try to list things from varied genres too. I think this would be good for everyone to get know what's good out there and especially good for us newbie's who don't even know where to begin (considering there are THOUSANDS of them)

Re: Your Top 5 favorite apps, Incredible/Android OS

Well, lots of views but no one is posting.. So I will start with the ones I have looked up or heard about so far and plan to use for sure. Okay so there are about 8.. that I want to try about the same, in no paticular order..


1. Facebook       (Kind of a no duh app, but I am an avid FB user)

2. Google Maps (Love that it acts as a GPS as well)

{Keep it Legal}

4. My Verizon     (All your account info from minutes, data, pay bills etc)

5. Open Home   (To customize anything and everything on your homescreens)

6. Fusion Voicemail Plus (Like visual voicemail, its a free app, sleek looking)

7. CraigslistChecker  (I use craigs all the time for furniture, electronics etc..)

8. Imap Weather  (Cool local weather app with quality radar images and more)


Anyone know of good apps for suggestions on local entertainment, clubs, restaraunts etc.?

Re: Your Top 5 favorite apps, Incredible/Android OS

Handscent is also a good app to download.  I'm hoping that they will eventually get an app that will enlarge the font on the texting so that us "blind" people can actually read what they are typing :smileyhappy:

Re: Your Top 5 favorite apps, Incredible/Android OS
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So hard to just pick 5.


1.  Spoof - Has the ability to make any number appear on someones caller ID along with changing your voice

2.  Ringdroid - Create your own ringtones by editing a music track in your library or record a new one directly to your phone

3.  Jewels - This game is like Bejewled and a very fun game to play

4.  Ringo Lite - Lets you assign ringtones to text messages or calls

5. Lucid - Guide Hermin through his dreams by controlling his Dream Cloud. Collect presents along the way, avoid obstacles & protect him Becareful not to awake him