Bait and switch on $1000 promo for iPhone 13
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Long story short - Seriously disappointed with this company and it's customer service. I will avoid them and switch as soon as my contract is up.

Went onto the Verizon site to upgrade two iPhone 12s to iPhone 13s due to the recent promo of $1000 credit for each phone. In order to do this I had to pay off both phones as well (non-refundable). The website was not functioning properly and not letting me fulfill the order.

Was able to chat with a rep that said they would help me through the process. Confirmed that I would receive the $1000 credit for each phone, pay them off, ship back the iPhone 12s. etc. 

They botched the process and did not process the trade in for the phones. I called customer service and they told me they have no record of the chat transcript which I can not believe is true. They also told me that when I was chatting with the rep that the promo had expired - not my problem as far as I'm concerned as they verified that I would receive the credit for the trade in. 

After a long phone call rep told me I could return the 13s but they would not refund the pay off for the 12s and not honor the $1000 off for each phone. They would speak to a manager to try to process $440 credit for each phone which is ridiculous when other companies are offering $640+ for each phone. 

No help - nothing...Told me it didn't matter what the rep said, they were wrong. Ok - I get that - but at least help me out here as your rep totally sold me a bunk deal and I wouldn't have upgraded under these circumstances. 

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Wow, the story is almost identical to what we experienced....have gotten bad help and bad advice from the reps and they never let you talk to a supervisor.  I can't tell you how many times I contacted Verizon over what we were supposed to get from the promo.  The website didn't work when we tried to order, we had to use a rep to fulfill the transaction, then, we couldn't get a return label on one phone and was told incorrectly to go to a local store. The phone becomes unaccounted for after sending on this label even though USPS showed it was delivered.  Apparently none of the transcripts are saved or they are incompetent at saving notes because you have to repeat yourself every single time.  5 months in we are told sorry the promotion is over and I now have to call every single month to ensure I get a 20 dollar credit.  Was told we would get 800 each on our phones being traded in, we essentially got 400 each per phone because we didn't upgrade our unlimited plan....65 per line for the new and improved versus the 20 per line we currently have.  Utter garbage.