Broke front cover

By accident the front cover was broken on my Iphone 4s.  I have insurance on this phone and have had it since having this phone.  When I called Verizon the man said to go to a tech store which is located near me.  The tech store charged me $100 to fix the front cover and was supposedly at a discount.

Is this how Verizon works when it comes to having insurance on a phone then having to pay what seems like full price to fix the phone yourself ?

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Insurance does not cover breakage. You damaged it there for you have to pay.

You could have went to an Apple Store but I am not sure they charge for a repair.

We live and learn.

However if you had Asurion supplemental insurance you could have sent it in paid a $169 deductible and got a second hand phone sent to you. You saved $69 by having it repaired.

Good Luck