Can't receive incoming calls
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Called Verizon for the last 3 days

On hold each time for 20-27 minutes was hung up on several times each time I call back have to go through telling support the same thing over and over when they can just look at my notes was told to do a hard reset and call back since I was on the device and didn't hav a secondary phone

I did this and the stupid thing still doesn't work

I don't like paying my good money for crappy service!

I need my phone in case a job calls for me!!

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Re: Can't receive incoming calls
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We want to ensure you stay connected. Are you able to call out still from the device? Do you still receive text messages fine?

Re: Can't receive incoming calls
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    Cookieteetee1975, let's also check on a couple of things. Make sure the ringer/silent switch is not in the OFF position. It's a small switch located in the upper left corner of the iPhone. If it's in the OFF position you'll notice a red color. To turn it ON it has to be pushed toward the screen.

  Also go into Settings > Do Not Disturb > Manual - make sure that it is " not toggled ON". If it's showing in Green it is ON.