Deleted emails coming in

Every since I purchased my Iphone 6S both my Macbook Pro and my Iphone are bringing in emails from history.  These have already been deleted.  On the MacBook it is trying to bring in over 5,000 emails from the past and is not pulling in recent emails.  ON the Iphone it is bringing in the new emails but also gong back into deleted emails.  How can I solve this.  The email account is a frontier. com account.  mIf you have an answer please respond to [Removed]

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Re: Deleted emails coming in
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We understand how those emails coming back can be a cause for concern STEHAR19. We will definitely do everything we can to help. The fact that this issue is happening both on your phone and your computer points to either a syncing issue or issue with the email account itself and not an issue with your device. Are you using the same Apple ID on both your phone and the computer? Were these emails that are coming back initially deleted from your phone or the computer?


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