Failed calls, unclear calls, in northern NJ.

I'm in Clifton NJ and since yesterday I've had a problem with losing calls. All of a sudden the phone will get a lot of static and then it says call failed.  I'll try to call back, sometimes they hear me, sometimes they don't.  Same goes for incoming and outgoing calls. The reception is terrible, and it's usually really good.  I have a neighbor who also has Verizon for her cell and land line and has had a problem on both phones.  Trying to get information on line is ridiculous.  Everything is automated. If I can't make a call I can't call customer service. .  Is anyone else in the area having problems?

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Customer Service Rep

I am a consumer too, and I sincerely understand your dilemma as I also rely on my Verizon Wireless service to stay touch with friends and family, BETTYP525. You posted on a peer-to-peer channel and I see that your post is from 2 days ago. Are you still having service issues? If you are, please power your phone off for 1 full minute and then power it on. Call #832 and let us know what you hear.