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I had trouble ordering an iphone 7 so I called Verizon customer service, on 9/9.  I got right through and talked to a rep.  He said he would order me a phone (iphone 7 rose gold 128gb)  that was to arrive 9/16.  So today I checked on Verizon to see the status of my order and saw that a 128gb iPhone 7 plus was to be shipped to me.  A phone I did not want.  So again I called Verizon and spent over an hour on the phone again and ordered a iPhone 7 128 gb rose gold.  The kicker is I now have to wait until 10/5 because it was ordered wrong by the rep.  I have preordered the iphone 4,Iphone 5, and iphone 6 with no problems.  iPhone 7, not as lucky.   

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