How does replacement SIM affect iPhone5 usage

I am looking at using a 3rd party SIM (& service) for a short trip to Europe for the first time. I expect that my Verizon identity will leave the phone when I remove the Verizon SIM. I am not sure now the phone will behave with the new SIM. Real basic questions that I have not been able to successfully search for:

1) Phone - new number? What happens to calls made to the existing number?

2) Email - Will I continue to get email that is sent to current email addresses?

3) Text - Will I continue to get texts sent to the existing phone?

Any suggestions for France & Italy for service providers?


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Re: How does replacement SIM affect iPhone5 usage
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It sounds like you have a fantastic trip to Europe coming up. I hope that you have a great time. I'm sure you will.

Once registering your device on the international SIM's network. The device will not register your device on the Verizon Wireless network. You're number will be temporarily inactive. This will mean that text messages and phone calls will not come through to your device. E-mail will be able to be receive through the international carriers data network or through Wi-Fi connection.

You may want to consider our global program if you are interested in receiving text messages and phone from your VZW number.

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