I can’t hear people when I’m making calls

For the past week when I make phone calls, it will ring but when the person answers I hear nothing. I try calling again and the same thing happens. When that person calls me back, I can hear them and they said they could hear me, I just couldn’t hear them. Long story short, I’m unable to hear people when making calls, but I have no issue when I’m receiving calls.

Can you please help! I have not changed any of my settings. 

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Mols416, and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. Though we never want to hear that it's for this reason, we'd be more than happy to take a look into the performance of your service as well as your device. To start, let's get more details pertaining to your current situation. How long has this been happening for? Also, has there been any recent construction or severe storming in your area that may have caused an effect on the service? Last, don't feel as if you've made any negative impact if you haven't, but to ensure we save you from having to repeat yourself, can we have you confirm any troubleshooting steps you may have taken to try to fix this on your end?