IPhone dead and won't charge - strange dim red light

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I was talking with my sister last night when my IPhone phone shut off.  I assumed that my battery died so I put it on the charger.  When I went back to get my phone off the charger I noticed that it did not charge at all.  I tried doing a reset holding down the home key and the shut off key together and it still won't turn on.  I left it on the charger overnight and this morning it is still dead.  I noticed this morning in the dark that I can see a very low dim red light by the ear piece speaker at the top of the phone. 

At this point, I am at a complete loss.  I have no idea what to do.  We leave on vacation tomorrow and at this point, I have no phone.  Very scary for me since we are going to Florida and my oldest daughter is going to California.  I need to be in contact with her while she is gone.  Smiley Sad  Any help and good news is much needed!

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Re: IPhone dead and won't charge - strange dim red light
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I would say when an iPhone normally dies it when plugged in does eventually give you an icon like an empty battery indicator then later I would say it turns on with an apple. If your under warrenty or with any extended warrenty insurance. I would call Verizon and say that your phone won't turn on at all and you want a replacement . It should take a day to get or go to apple and ask to replace.