IPhone trade-in issue
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I went to an Apple store yesterday to trade in my iPhone 8 for the 13 and take advantage of the carrier promo that would give me about a $400 discount with this trade in. I am on a family plan now and am looking to transfer my line to my own account with unlimited data. After going through the whole process, I was told that the promo wasn’t coming up since “the bill hasn’t been paid”. It’s a bill posted 2 days ago- it is a family plan and my parents have the bill on autopay every month and do not miss payments. This rationale is ridiculous to me. So, I left with nothing and am stuck on the same plan. I cannot get a phone through Verizon since you guys are back ordered and I cannot receive a phone through the mail. Can I take advantage of the trade in promo when I transfer my line or no? If the answer is no I will just take my number to a different carrier. This has been a headache. 

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Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us on Social Media! We certainly want you to be able to take advantage of that promotion. I can take a look at your account to see if you still would qualify under your own account. To avoid working with multiple agents, let's get you into the Secure Channel. This will ensure we stay together, and work on resolving this concern. Please click the link below, hope to see you soon!


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