Is anyone else's 6s possessed? Were you blocked from MyVerizon tonight and CS??

Since the last update my phone has been possessed. I first noticed that the calibration was off, but then the letters in the keyboard become others and wouldn't let me use the space bar so sent a lot of messages with the likes of "mfngnfairu" in the middle of a normal statement. Closing out of apps and windows was simultaneously an issue. Next day, awoke to find I had been signed out of EVERYTHING and my apps were no longer arranged the way I had them. I checked updated, soft reset, checked settings (I used to be in charge of data sales for VZW store, I'm a tech nerd ), cleared history and cashed content and cookies. Still wasn't working properly. Then I start to receive text messages asking why my phone was going straight to voicemail, when not doing that my volume would by completely turned down. Today, ENTIRE CALENDAR WIPED, not in cloud, gone! Upgrading is cheaper, and figured I wouldn't mind the iphone 7 so called *611 to discuss ins and outs. Put on hold, so I simultaneously attempted to at least upgrade and change a few things about my plan. It let me go through the entire process of changing the family plan and adding and subtracting features, selecting my phone (really wanted to wait for version 😎 and hit the checkout button. "Sorry for inconvenience but MyVerizon is experiencing some crazy ridiculousness because we know how badly you need a phone by Monday when classes start. Feel free to call this number that will connect you with a machine who will be of no help and direct you to return here", or something like that. Did I forget to mention that I was on hold for about  1 1/2 hrs or more. I know now that there was a storm close to their command center, but they have many of them

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Re: Is anyone else's 6s possessed? Were you blocked from MyVerizon tonight and CS??
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STEBAI74_ We understand the importance of having a working device. We want to get this resolved for you as soon as possible. Let's get started. Is your Wi-Fi turned on? Do you experience dropped calls? Does your keyboard only misbehave on messages, or other texting apps as well?

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