It says hotspot is including with my plan...

It says I have hotspot abilities already including with my plan. When I go to my iPhone settings and attempt to turn on the hotspot feature it states I need to activate it through the Verizon website. It then prompts me to the Internet to login and change my phone features. Upon viewing all of the available options it does not give me the ability to activate the hotspot. However my plan states that with the XL Plan I get hotspot automatically added so why can't I use it? And why does it say it's not available?

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Re: It says hotspot is including with my plan...
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Kidsugarmilk, using all of the extra features that your phone has is a great way to really get your monies worth. Let's unravel this mystery so you are able to enjoy this extra feature. Is your phone currently connected to wi-fi? Have you ever used the Hot Spot in the past? Is your cellular data currently turned on? Please share details so we may get to the bottom of this.
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