NEED HELP PLEASE! i have nothing to Iphone 6s

How can someone that has never had a phone preorder the iphone 6s on verizon's monthly payment program and start a plan. Should i start phone line first? and How do the terms and conditions change if you have no credit (referring to the monthly payments)? Your help will be very appreciated thanks.

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Re: NEED HELP PLEASE! i have nothing to Iphone 6s
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Greetings. Thanks so much for reaching out to us today. I know how exciting this time is and we'll be happy to get you all the information you'll need on the process. If you've never had a cell phone before, you will still be able to do a device payment plan in most cases. However a deposit and/or downpayment may be necessary for the service and device respectively. If either of those two things are required, you'd be notified during the account application process. Hope this helps!


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