Not receiving short code sms

Just switched from sprint to Verizon last night on my fiancé’s plan. Kept the same phone number (ported over). Everything got switched over fine and I’m receiving texts and calls, but I cannot receive verifications from short codes like Facebook and Outlook. Reached out to Verizon and they said everything looks fine on their end with the number. Any advice? What can I do?

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Re: Not receiving short code sms
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I'm happy to hear that you've chosen to join our family, OllieMag77. I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be working so far after porting your number over, except for shortcode SMS messages. I certainly understand the importance of receiving those messages, as they are often used to verify accounts. I wanted to gather some additional details from you so that I can help get this fixed. Is this happening with any shortcode SMS messages, or just from specific services? What happens if your fiance attempts a shortcode SMS from similar services?


Re: Not receiving short code sms
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Hi, I am having the same issue. I switched over from AT&T and the verification codes aren't coming through. I am trying to verify my identity with Capital One Bank app and the text isn't coming through.

Capital One has all the correct information, and I was told to speak with my carrier.

I have a prepaid phone/line with Verizon.

Re: Not receiving short code sms

what worked with former service provider may not be the same with verizon.