Possible to register Verizon phone in Canada?

I live in Canada, and travel frequently.  I've been wanting to buy a global phone with full keyboard, and the options are limited.  I recently discovered a Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II was made for Verizon that has most of the features I want. I can get it from Best Buy or eBay, but I it is still a Verizon phone.  I would gladly be a Verizon customer if I lived in the States, but that's not an option either.

If I bought such a phone would I be able to register it in Canada?  What would be involved? (I understand with CDMA it's not strictly a matter of having it "unlocked" as it is with GSM, but I would also want the GSM to be "unlocked" for use in Europe and Latin America.)   What sort of permission is required and where does the programming have to be done?  

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Re: Possible to register Verizon phone in Canada?
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20thcenturyfox  I completely understand how important it is to make sure you have the device that works best for you! Our 4G devices are already unlocked for global use. We cannot guarantee it will have full functionality on your chosen carrier, so I do recommend reaching out to your local carrier to make sure the device will work for you.  RuthW_VZW  Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport  If my response answered your question please click the "Correct Answer" button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!!