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I must say that this is the first time that I have ever pre-ordered any device and it will be the last.  I am sure there are pre-order veterans out there that go through this every year, and I am certain that a lot of what is going on is pretty much the norm even though it continues to create chaos for everyone.

I am not in a large city therefore have found ease when going to one of our local corporate vzw stores.  I am usually the first in line and am pretty much in and out without any hiccups.  Last year I was first for the 5s.  They didnt have the gold one that I wanted so I purchased space biggie.

This year I have decided to purchase the Plus 128 model because prior to my switching to IOS, I had the galaxy note II and loved the size of it.  The only downfall for me once I joined the IOS world was the limited size, then low and behold here comes the iphone 6 plus...

I ordered the color I wanted, with the capacity and size that I wanted.  I could have stood in line and settled with a device that was not the color that I wanted, but this year I decided to allow the device to come to me.

The pre-order was not bad at all, it was a relatively smooth process, however the aftermath and the conflicting stories presented on reputable websites vs what my cellular provider is telling me....

Instead of going through this headache of wondering if I will receive my device as promised and continuously confirmed by verizon reps, I could have bypassed all of this and stood in line anyway AND very well may have to in the long run.

On the up, it is nice to see that many people are receiving confirmations today for the 128 Plus models so there is still a two day window of hope that the delivery date will be fulfilled. 

I am a device junkie the pre-order experience has taught me that my level is quite mediocre as some are about to have aneurysm's over the status of their device and sadly I can understand how they feel. 

Tomorrow is TUESDAY...hoping there are more successful stories with tracking/shipping confirmations INCLUDING myself....

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