Sending and receiving texts from multiple contacts.

My iPhone 8 will only allow me to text and receive texts from a single contact.  Until Friday  I could send and receive texts with multiple contacts.  How do I fix it?  And - are texts the same as messages?

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Re: Sending and receiving texts from multiple contacts.
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  Hi mtlouverizon, if I understand this correctly? You're trying to exchange text messages as a group between multiple users, all included? If so are all users included and saved in your contacts? I've experienced with the iPhone, when a group text message was received, and someone wasn't previously added to my contact list that was included in the text, it would create some difficulty with corresponding.

Has your contact list been altered? As far as text messages the same as messages? Could you be more specific?

regards Salisbury

Re: Sending and receiving texts from multiple contacts.
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Sorry to hear about the issues with texting multiple people, mtlouverizon. Salisbury had some excellent questions that would need some clarification on so that we can best help. Are the issues you are experiencing with a group text message or are you unable to text the others with individual non-group text messages? Are you using the default texting app that was pre-installed on your iPhone or something else? 

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