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I wish I could say this issue was resolved, but still another month later and NO resolution. I've tried replying to the post but somehow it won't allow me to post my *non-resolution*. Very Interesting. Seems like they don't want others to know that their issues go unresolved.
After my last post I really thought the rep was very responsive in investigating the issue. They reviewed the incident and told me they were processing an $800 credit to my account as the phone was obviously (based on the evidence) either stolen from the box in transit or from their receiving warehouse. I even received a confirmation email that an $800 credit was being routed for 'approval' based on the credit amount. In the email it stated I would receive an update 'within 48 hours'. Yet now it is over 1 month later and still NO response/update and NO credit on my account. I am still being charged MONTHLY for a phone which was traded/exchanged MONTHS ago.
Trade In Issue Unresolved


‎12-03-2021 08:54 AM

Back in Sept I ordered a new iphone 13 during the "Get iPhone 13 on us" promotion and picked it up curbside. No return box was provided for my iphone XS trade in. I had to call Verizon and request a trade-in box. I shipped it back via the provided UPS box and label and have my drop off receipt from the UPS store. On 10/8 it was received at Verizon. To date I have still not received the credit for the device and Verizon is charging me monthly device payments.  This is crazy since I have traded in 2 other devices on our account since then have received credit for them already.

  I have called Verizon at least 20 times to try to resolve the issue. They confirmed multiple times that they received the package it was being processed, yet still no credits. In November their story changed - now they say the package was empty. I then sent them my drop off receipt showing the package weighed 10.4 oz per UPS. So either UPS stole the contents or their receiving dept is stealing phones.

  Each time I call they say they have issued a credit request and say a supervisor will call me back in the next few days with a status update. NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK though. I then have to call and wait on hold for an hour just to get anyone to answer the phone. Each time I am told the last request was closed because they didn't receive the phone. And then I have to start the entire process over again. I have provided proof of delivery, drop off receipts, tracking numbers, order IDs so many times. I've asked for this to be escalated. I've asked for supervisors. Today I have already been on with Verizon for  OVER TWO HOURS - and still no resolution. 


Re: Trade In Issue Unresolved


Customer Support
‎12-03-2021 09:03 AM

Hello kel767 and thank you for contacting us today. We appreciate your feedback and we're here to assist you further with your concern. I have sent you a private message regarding this matter. Please reply there to continue.-Candice

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