VERIZON EMAIL QUESTION - How to truly sync?

prior to getting an iphone recently, i had an android and used an app called K9 mail for my mobile email control. i liked it because it was able to truly sync with my verizon email account (*** what i mean by sync is if i logged on from my PC onto my verizon webmail and deleted an email, it would also be deleted from my k9 email app the next time it refreshed. basically it was always a true representation of what was on the actual verizon webmail server.

now with the iphone, the preinstalled email app does not do that. i also downloaded the verizon fios app which i thought for sure would be capable of this, but again, it does not do it. if i delete or move an email from webmail server while on PC, i'll still have to delete it again from app even though technically its not in my inbox anymore.

has anyone figured this out? is there any iOS email app capable of truley syncing like this?

thank you!

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