Was told I could not talk to a supervisor.
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I was buying an Apple iPad from the Apple store and they showed a promotion for a $200 gift card if you signed up for LTE service.  I dug through the terms and conditions and did not see anything on a time requirement.  So I bought the more expensive iPad, paid an activation fee for the new line of service, and submitted my rebate form.  After about 5-6 months I realized we were not using the service much and I cancelled the line.  A couple months later I was hit with a $200 charge for the gift card being reversed as I did not maintain the line for 12 months.  I chatted on-line with 2 different reps to the tune of 2 hours, the first rep said she would take care of it then we got disconnected.  The second rep said they could only credit back $100.  I declined the credit and moved to call into customer service.  After another hour on the phone I was only offered the $100 again and was told there was nobody else I could talk to I would have to mail in the concern.  While I was talking to the phone rep she got ahold of the rebate department and said the terms were on a clickable link when applying for the rebate.  Which means that for me to of gotten the terms and conditions I needed to buy the iPad, pay to set up the line of service, then I would find out that it was a 12 month commitment at that point.  That is fraudulent advertising at its finest.  I spent an hour on the phone with that person as well.  I called in again a few days later, was told the same thing, and was told I could not be transferred to anyone and that he was the highest level I could speak with.  This is unacceptable customer service.  I have been a long time customer and expect better in a very obvious situation.

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