Why does my iPhone 6 Plus have worse call reception then my iphone 4s?

I received my iPhone 6 Plus a week ago and have been frustrated ever since. It doesn't matter if I'm inside or outside the house I only get 1 bar (dot). Whether I make the call or receive it it's the same thing. Dead spots or flat out disconnection. I have to drive at least a mile to get good reception and 2 miles for LTE. Completely unacceptable.

I was talking to someone in Verizon network support a few days ago but we got disconnected. He said he was going to open a ticket but I don't think he ever did. He also talked about sending me a network signal extender but I'm sure this hasn't happened either.

This is my only phone and it's upsetting that my only means of communication is sending a text message. I need Verizon to fix this NOW or I will be forced to return it.


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Re: Why does my iPhone 6 Plus have worse call reception then my iphone 4s?
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We want you to have the best experience with your new phone Genezilla01! Thanks for the detailed post! I'd like to double check some things on our end, what's your ZIP code? You mentioned a ticket, did you get a NRB ticket number via text message? If so, please provide this NRB number and we'll follow up on it also. Do you notice any improvement if you power off/on?

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