Why was I given false info about my delivery from customer care?

I pre-ordered two phones in store. I had to pay out my current edge up price in order to edge up early to the iphone 6. I also got another phone on my line edged up to the iphone 6 plus. At the store I asked if I could bill the initial payment to my account (I have billed to my account on several other occasions). The in store rep said I could not bill this particular charge to my account, which I was totally okay with. I gave my debit and he swiped it. This morning my card was charged because my order shipped; I have no problem with this method, but I am frustrated I did not know this from the beginning.

Also, I contacted customer support after receiving a text that my account had been charged $54.13. I checked my bank account and Verizon had actually charged me $80.90. Why wasn't I notified of the correct amount?

I spoke with customer service this morning. The first rep was named Courtney I believe. She told me my phone was out for delivery today. After both USPS and UPS had been to my apartment I went down and checked for a slip saying they missed me: no slip. I called customer service to get the tracking number so I could further look into the issue. The second rep I spoke with was Mitchell. He said the package was in the city of the store I had ordered at and may have been delivered to the store. He called the store I ordered at and conferenced me into the call. Mitchell was no longer on the line randomly so I stayed on to see if someone at the store could help. The store rep told me that phones are not delivered to the store and she could not look up any account information over the phone. She referred me back to customer care. I called for the third time hoping to get some answers; I believe this rep's name was Ignasio. He was absolutely the most helpful and straight forward, but he informed me that the previous two reps were incorrect and could NOT have known any information about my phone's delivery status because it had not been issued a tracking number yet-he called Fed Ex with me on the line and Fed Ex confirmed that a tracking number had not been created because the package had not been shipped yet. I WAS SO FRUSTRATED that I was given false information from two different reps and never told a charge would be placed on the account the day the phone began processing to be shipped. Had I known that information when I placed the order in-store I would have known that the phone had just been processed for shipping today, because that's when my payment processed. I was not rude to anyone that I spoke to today, but I wanted to write this out because I was frustrated with the entire experience. How could I be given specific delivery info about my package if there is not even a tracking number for it yet?

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Re: Why was I given false info about my delivery from customer care?
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Welcome to dealing with Verizon's customer anti-care.  I have had a similar experience over the last week.  I tried to order 2 Iphone 6s and an Iphone 6 plus to replace the Iphone 5s, my family now use.  When I tried to order the phones on Apple's website, there was a weird error saying that I could only pick up the phone in an Apple store.  I called customer care to find out the issue.  They of course blamed Apple and said I could order the phones on Verizon's website.  I said that would be fine except that I was concerned with the shipping times, since my wife and daughter's phones are starting to have issues and I did not want them  to have to wait until late October - early November when the phones they want showed to be in stock with Verizon.  The representative said that the phones would ship as they are available so the silver 128GB silver Iphone would ship the next day, the Space Gray 128GB would ship on 10/3 and the Iphone plus would ship on 10/31.  I went ahead and went online and ordered the phones.  I waited until 10/2 to call to find out what happened to the silver Iphone and was told that none of the phones would ship until they were all in stock.  I cancelled the order and figured I would order them from Apple.  I asked when I cancelled the order how long it would be til I could place an order with Apple and was told it usually will let you order immediately, but in some cases it can take a couple of hours.  This was at about 8:00pm on 10/2.

On the morning of 10/3 on went to Apples website and it said that there was a reservation for the lines in question.  I again called and spent an hour on the phone with Verizon to find out that the previous representative had not cancelled the order.  There were lots of notes to cancel the order, but the order was still pending.  The rep Louise was terrific and even sent me a screen shot to show that the order was cancelled.  I waited a couple of hours and tried to order the phones again.  The error saying that I would have to go to the Apple store was back.  I called Verizon they said it was on Apple's end.  I called Apple and they said it was on Verizon's end.  I decided to go to the local Apple store to see if they could help.  The rep at the Apple store was really helpful and said that is the same message they see when someone is setting up a new Verizon account (We have been with Verizon since 2002, and have never been late on a payment).  During our investigation the Iphone 6s showed available at another Apple store about 10 miles away.  I ordered the phone and set up personal pick up for the phones.  I went to the Apple store with the phones showed them my personal pick up confirmation and Verizon was blocking the phones from being sold.  I checked my account and I had already been charged by Apple.  Luckily the Apple store have a personal representative to contact for issues, it took 2 hours on the phone with her but eventually I was able to get the 2 Iphone 6s and go home.  I also had the Verizon representative tell me that it could be my employer discount causeing the error.  I went through the process of removing the employer discount and still cannot order the phones through the Apple store.  I bit the bullet and ordered from Verizon knowing that I will probably not receive my phone til next year even though my email says it will ship by 10/31.