iPhone 4s traded in for my mobile in Ireland


Please advice me about following situation:

I was selling my Android device to get the iPhone,

Got a reasonable offer to swap for an iPhone which I was told is locked to local (Irish) network.

I've checked sim tray for IMEI as iPhone stuck in iTunes mode and Imei on the tray was from local network.

When I recovered iPhone at home and tried to activate I got notice of not supported sim.

I've checked IMEI again under system setting and come up so its locked Verizon and sim tray was changed or messed up with another iPhone.

I can't reach previous owner now, I think so she doesn't made that specially as she was quite decent and older person.

Please let me know if is any possibility to get this device unlocked as I will end up with expensive iPod Touch instead of fully functional iPhone.

your network isn't available so even if I could I can't become your customer.

I will appreciate any help and suggestions,

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